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East Houston’s Premier Pallet Sales And Supply

If you are looking for the premier pallet sales and supplier in all of East Houston, then you have come to the right place! We are East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber.

Why a Poor Quality Pallet Will Ruin Your Day

Northwest Houston’s Premier Pallet Sales And Supply

When poor quality pallets make their way into useable inventory, problems can arise of an unpredicted magnitude. While trying to cut costs, companies that sacrifice pallet quality will usually fall victim to perils such as ruined goods, injuries, and a damaged reputation. When a pallet fails, you waste product and risk injury. If the failure leads to delays in your customer receiving goods, your reputation suffers.

This is unacceptable and that is why you need…

You Need Pallet Sales And Supply From East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber

Whether you have a small or large company, we tailor our pallet sales and supply services to your operations. Our entire process is handled at our own facility – we design the pallet, cut the components, assemble and deliver to meet your schedule. We will also pick-up your used pallets if needed. We look at the big picture when it comes to effective pallet management and taking care of our customers’ needs. We produce all components onsite to ensure quality. Our specialized machines are capable of producing all sizes and styles, including stringer and block pallets.

The 5 Benefits of Palletizing Using Pallets From East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber

  • Quicker Handling – Palletized products can be moved more quickly, require less labor, and speed up the delivery of your products.
  • More Efficient – Products are moved more efficiently and stored more efficiently in warehouses.
  • Reduced Risks – Palletized products have a lower risk of damage due to handling, provide less risk of worker injury, and can hold more products and heavier products without the risk of breaking.
  • Easier To Transport Products – A single pallet with several products is easier to manage and keep track of and compared to other styles of unit load bases that may require specialized equipment, the universal sizes and shapes of pallets can be lifted and stacked by forklifts and pallet jacks.
  • Products Kept Safe – Pallets keep products off the ground, away from standing water, dirt, and debris. They provide proper drainage and circulation, so even perishable items such as fresh produce are kept safe and stay fresh longer.

How East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber Stacks Up

East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber manufactures standard and custom new pallets designed to meet your materials handling needs. Located in East Houston, we have an excellent reputation as one of the most professional wood pallet manufacturers in the country. Our pallet facility manufactures new and heat-treated export pallets.

Ready To Streamline Your Business?

East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber can help any business streamline their shipping process by providing them with the best services in pallets, crates, and lumber, as well as custom-sized wood pallets. Please call us at 832-461-7997 to learn more. We would be happy to evaluate your current processes, determine opportunities for improvement, and provide you with a customized pallet program to address your needs.