Attention All East Houston Area Businesses looking for heavy-duty pallets! Here Is…

Heavy-Duty Pallets In East Houston

Tired of those wimpy pallets that just are not strong enough for your business? The heavy-duty pallets from East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber is the solution that you are looking for.

Not All Pallets Are Built The Same

Heavy-Duty Pallets In Northwest Houston, Texas

Large, heavy equipment requires specialty skids in order to safely lift and transport them without damage. Proper design for the equipment weight, weight distribution, it’s center of gravity, handling environment, blocking and bracing, and appropriate stiffness and rigidity all comes into play.

What you need is…

Heavy-Duty Pallets From East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber

We understand how to work with larger timbers and dimension lumber, the specialty hardware required, keep it in stock, and have the right machinery so you can be assured your shipment will load and arrive safely on a heavy-duty pallet from East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber.

Our Standard Heavy-Duty Pallets Meet The Following Criteria:

  • Solid 5-inch wide blocks that provide exceptional deck support and make them perfect for stacking and reusing, making it easier for you to load, unload, stack, and ship anywhere in your warehouse or anywhere in the world.
  • 4-way forklift access for convenient loading, unloading, stacking, and shipping so that your warehouse stays clean and organized and your heavy-duty products stay safe and ready.
  • Meets ISPM 15 export specifications so that you can ship your heavy-duty goods all over the world on the strongest, most durable heavy-duty pallets in the industry.

Only quality materials are used to construct each and every heavy-duty pallet at East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber. You can trust our team of expert pallet people to make sure you have the correct well-built heavy duty pallet for your needs. We can offer new heavy-duty pallets, custom, skids, and many other custom sizes.

Our passion for pallets ensures our customers that they are in the hands of people who care about what they are doing, instilling honesty and integrity into every order, we at East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber pride ourselves on being an industry leader. Where many of our competitors focus on mass inventory, ignoring the quality of the heavy-duty pallet, we have made a commitment to thrive on customer satisfaction.

How East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber Stacks Up

East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber manufactures standard and custom new pallets designed to meet your materials handling needs. Located in East Houston, we have an excellent reputation as one of the most professional wood pallet manufacturers in the country. Our pallet facility manufactures new and heat-treated export pallets.

Ready To Streamline Your Business?

East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber can help any business streamline their shipping process by providing them with the best services in pallets, crates, and lumber, as well as heat-treated pallets. Please call us at 832-461-7997 to learn more. We would be happy to evaluate your current processes, determine opportunities for improvement, and provide you with a customized pallet program to address your needs.