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With a wide range of lumber, East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber has your wholesale industrial lumber ordering covered.

Wholesale Industrial Lumber Ordering From East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber

Northwest Houston, Texas’s Number One Wholesale Industrial Lumber Ordering Company

At East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber we specialize in wholesale industrial lumber ordering. We keep both a rough and surfaced inventory for whatever your project needs are. Our commitment to quality, while being consistent, is what has earned us a great reputation. Our quality is due to having the whole manufacturing process occurring under our control. Everything from sawing, sizing, drying, surfacing, and grading takes place at our facility.

The Advantages Of Working With A Wholesale Industrial Lumber

A lumber yard has a variety of wood useful for any building project. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing wholesale lumber is the positive impact on the environment as many lumber companies replant trees cut down for use. Here are some of the advantages to using East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber as your lumber supplier.

  • Delivery – When you buy large quantities of wood, you don’t want to have to figure out how to pick all of that up. We offer customers delivery of wholesale lumber and deliver to anywhere around the East Houston area.
  • Price – Obviously, the price comes into play on which lumber yard to choose. The easiest way to see if you are getting a good price for the lumber is to call East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber. Our prices are competitive with other lumberyards and are usually the lowest around.
  • Service – Customer service is huge when dealing with East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber. Without good customer service, that great price no longer seems worth dealing with the hassles. We promise that our customer service will be the best you have ever experienced from a lumberyard or any other business.
  • Quality – While the price is important, so is the quality of the product you purchase. You want lumber that looks great and stands up as expected. We guarantee the quality of our lumber. We don’t work with lumber that is not fit for our needs and we would not expect you to sacrifice quality either.

These four factors can help you choose the right lumber yard to buy your soft and hardwood products. Whether you build large buildings or simply want to do a home remodel, wholesale lumber can help you access a variety of wood types in a sustainable way.

Before you buy the lumber you need for your next job, contact the lumber experts at East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber for more information. We can answer your questions about any of our products, arrange a delivery, and talk to you about pricing.

Ready To Streamline Your Business?

East Houston’s Premier Pallets, Crates, And Lumber can help any business streamline their shipping process by providing them with the best services in pallets, crates, and lumber, as well as heavy-duty pallets. Please contact us to learn more. We would be happy to evaluate your current processes, determine opportunities for improvement, and provide you with a customized pallet program to address your needs.